Inpatient Experience

Patient Identification
Because patient identification is essential to patient safety, all inpatients will receive a patient identification bracelet upon admission. Please do not remove the bracelet.

Employee Identification
You can identify hospital employees by the badges they wear.

Care Management
Care Management is a department of nurses and social workers whose overall goal is get the right services to the right patient at the right time. You will probably meet one or more of them, but they are also often behind the scenes.

Some of the functions are:

  • Arranging which unit or bed a patient is in
  • Assessing patients for potential needs when discharged
  • Arranging for any services a patient may need after discharge
  • Providing support to the patient and family when making health care decisions
  • Monitoring and facilitating care so that it is consistent with quality standards for certain illnesses
  • Communicating with the insurance company or public payer to ensure coverage

Spiritual Care
The Medical Center has an active interfaith Spiritual Care Department with chaplains who are available to you and your family. Chaplains can provide comfort, ease fears and help you sort out difficult decisions. They can assist you with religious practices that may be important to you during your stay and connect you with your community of faith. If you wish to see a chaplain, please ask your nurse to contact the Department of Spiritual Care or call ext. 6433.

Interpretation Services
Language interpretation services are available for persons with limited proficiency in English, and we can provide qualified sign language interpreters for hearing-impaired patients who need them. A variety of appropriate auxiliary aids are available for patients with sensory impairments.

Visiting Policy & Hours
Rush North Shore Medical Center welcomes visitors and recognizes the important role that family members and others play in providing support to patients during their hospitalizations. We also recognize the need to provide a safe and restful environment that promotes the well-being of all patients. To accomplish these goals, visitors are asked to follow specific instructions provided by the units.

General visiting hours are from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Check with the specific unit for variations from these hours.

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 may visit when accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 6 are discouraged from visiting. However, visits by children under 6 may be arranged in advance with the Patient Care Director or Nursing Supervisor so that needed accommodations can be made.

Our Food and Nutrition staff provide meals to our patients. A staff dietitian is available to for consultation about your special dietary needs.

Cable television is provided in all rooms.

Most television sets are equipped for the hearing impaired. If your television is not, notify your nurse.

Telephones/Cell phones
The phone in your room can be used to make local calls within a 30-mile radius of the Medical Center by dialing 9+ the number.

For assistance in placing other calls contact your nurse or the hospital operator by dialing 0.

Cell phones and other wireless communication devices may be used except in certain designated areas. Please observe these restrictions and use common sense and courtesy when talking on the phone in order not to disturb patients, visitors and staff.

Phone Assistance for the Hearing Impaired
The Medical Center can provide you with a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTD). This allows the hearing impaired to communicate by phone through use of a keyboard and video display. A nurse can provide a TTD if you need one.

Each unit also has an amplified phone set that will be provided to you upon request.

Music Care
Listening to music can aid in relaxation and recovery. If you would like to listen to music, we can help. Music Care is a program exclusively for patients at Rush North Shore Medical Center. Through it, selected recorded music is available on individual CD players. There is no charge for this service. Patients interested in Music Care should call the Department of Spiritual Care at ext. 6433 and leave a voice message with your name and room number.

Other Services

We care about your privacy and comfort. If there is anything we can do to enhance your stay, please let us know.

  • Magazines and books are available during your stay at no charge. Please call the Volunteer Office at ext. 6546.

  • Newspapers can be purchased and delivered to your room. Please call the Volunteer Office at ext. 6546.

  • Located in the Hospital Lobby, our Gift Shop is open daily. Call ext. 1786 for hours.

  • To request a spiritual care visit or religious resources, please call the Spiritual Care Office at ext. 6433.

  • To schedule a hairdresser or barber, call Sue Lesley at

For additional information, see guest services.

Leaving the Hospital

Discharge from the Hospital
Services or care that you may require after discharge will be arranged with the help of a Discharge Planner in the Care Management Department.

Discharge Information and Instructions
Your doctor will authorize your release from the Medical Center. Checkout time is 11:00 a.m. for all patients except obstetrical patients.

  • One of our staff will discuss your release with you. Make sure that you understand the information about how to care for yourself after discharge and take a copy of it with you.
  • Ask about medicines, follow-up appointments and referrals, and any ongoing treatments.
  • Check your room for any personal belongings.
  • Confirm that you have transportation home and that you will meet them at the main entrance.

Your Opinion Counts
A few days after your discharge from Rush North Shore Medical Center you will receive a patient satisfaction survey that we hope you complete. Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire because your comments are very important to us. Your survey responses will be used to help us improve our services to our patients.